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HackYale provides student-run lectures in web development, introductory programming, and design. All classes and workshops are presented free-of-charge through our partnerships with the Yale College Council and the Yale Center for Engineering Innovation and Design (CEID).

In past years, the students who participated in HackYale have gone on to intern or work at companies like Artsy, Brewster, Foursquare, Google, Microsoft, Origami, Palantir, Panorama Education, Redfin, Trip Advisor, Twitter, UpWorthy, VigetLabs, and more...

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  • Rafi Khan
    Co-director, YC'15
    Rafi hopped on the code game back in junior year of high school, going on to work on the Crisis Map at Google the summer of 2013. Now he's the co-director and CTO of GAKKO, an education company based in Japan. He dwells at a curious intersection of app development, design frenzy and algorithmic implementation—you can check out his projects here. A connoisseur of fine wit, Rafi spends him time dancing with Yale Jashan Bhangra, crafting puns and just walking around, checkin' stuff out.
  • Dani Dickstein
    Co-director, YC'16
    Dani has been hooked on code ever since he could print "Happy Birthday" in a box of asterisks on the screen back in 8th grade. Since then, he has worked at Foursquare, Noodle Education, and small tech startups. He is passionate about code design, and believes code should be beautiful, elegant, and sexy. When he's not programming, Dani enjoys discussing the big questions of life, biking, and eating cereal.
  • Alex Reinking
    Course Instructor, YC'16
    Alex is a Junior CS and Math double major, and has been coding for almost thirteen years. Though his interests lie mostly in research, he's held several coding positions at large companies and local startups alike. You can check out his website here. When he's not writing code or solving math problems, he can be found rocking his 7-string guitar with his metal band. His weakness is bees.
This organization is administered by Yale students, and Yale University neither endorses nor is responsible for its program and actions.