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  • AngularJS with the Huffington Post
    Love building stuff on the web? Curious about what it's like to use cutting edge technology in the newsroom? Join the HackYale crew and learn about the hottest new Javascript framework, AngularJS, from the top engineers at the Huffington Post. Dinner will be served!

    Tuesday, Feb 11 at 6 p.m. in the CEID lecture space

    Applications are now closed.
  • Web Development 101

    The flagship HackYale class, designed to get your ideas on the web! If you're dying to learn how to make a website but don't know where to start, this is the class for you. We've designed a curriculum where you'll work closely with other students to learn what the Internet is, how it works and how you can get your ideas out there. We take a project-based approach, so our goal is that by the end of the class, you'll have made some like-minded friends and built a live website. No programming experience required!

    At least 6 weekly meetings, Tuesdays, 8-9:30 p.m. starting 1/28/2014.

    Class applications are now closed.
  • Intro to Front-end Development (Programming Intensive)

    This class is where programmers become true hackers (not in the evil way, but the good way). We'll show you the ropes of HTML, CSS and Javascript, then dive right into using various frameworks and web-specific programming techniques, developing open source and learning to deploy quickly. We want you to have taken CS 112 or equivalent and have a do-it-yourself attitude. This is the flagship HackYale class, supercharged.

    At least 6 weekly meetings, Fridays, 2-3:30 p.m. starting 1/31/2013.

    Class applications are now closed.

HackYale provides student-run lectures in web development, introductory programming, and design. All classes and workshops are presented free-of-charge through our partnerships with the Yale College Council and the Yale Center for Engineering Innovation and Design (CEID).

In past years, the students who participated in HackYale have gone on to intern or work at companies like, Brewster, Google, Microsoft, Origami, Palantir, Panorama Education, Redfin, SeeClickFix, Trip Advisor, Twitter, UpWorthy, VigetLabs, and more...

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  • Rafi Khan
    Co-Director YC'15
    Rafi hopped on the code game back in junior year of high school, going on to work on the Crisis Map at Google this summer and serve as Tech Director of GAKKO. Now he dwells at a curious intersection of app development, design frenzy and algorithmic implementation—you can check out his projects here. A connoisseur of fine wit, Rafi spends him time dancing with Yale Jashan Bhangra, crafting puns and just walking around, checkin' stuff out.
  • Zack Reneau-Wedeen
    Co-Director, YC'14
    Zack has several years experience in web development, most recently through his roles at Google and Brewster. Besides things technological, he enjoys playing soccer, the beach, PG-rated movies starring Martin Lawrence, and the theory of evolution. Favorite keyboard-side snack: hot tea and a stalk of raw rhubarb; most overheard phrase: "I suppose..."; biggest pet peeve: american cheese.
  • Caroline Lester
    Scaling, Big-data, Pivots, Agility, YC'14
    Caroline is all about the ladies. Specifically, ladies in entrepreneurship. At just six years old, she began innovating, problem-solving, and noticing when niche markets should be explored (her lemonade stand outside the entrance to the Ryder Cup made tens of dollars). Since then, she's branched out of the service industry and into both research - for the Sloan School and The Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School - and starting her own non-profit project. Interests include Law and Order SVU, the sustainable food movement, and skiing.
  • Max Pommier
    Design, Brand, YC'14
    Max has been tinkering with design for awhile now, in its various graphic, brand, layout, print, web, theatrical, production, intelligent, and non-intelligent shapes. He is rather fond of long nights on Photoshop, misusing idioms, and eating banana peppers for breakfast.
  • Daniel Tahara
    iOS, YC'14
    Ever since he swallowed the red pill last spring, Daniel has dedicated his time to developing awesome software and learning just how far we can go with modern technology. Although his primary expertise is in C (with Python next on the docket), he recently taught himself Objective-C and developed an iPhone app for the Yale Daily News. He is excited to work on similar projects this coming semester as he discovers just how far the rabbit hole goes. Oh yea, and lest he forget -- he loves to run, pun, and cook.
  • Alumni and Advisers
  • Bay Gross
    Co-founder, Adviser, YC '13
    Bay, a former co-director of HackYale, has been developing web applications for over three years, most recently through his role as a (former) co-founder at Amicus and product management intern at Google. He enjoys the internet, backpacking, and a well-placed oxford comma. When pressed to choose a profile picture, he elected for one that made it look like he could sail. He cannot.
  • Will Gaybrick
    Advisor, Co-founder emeritus, YLS '12
    Since transitioning from The Blackstone Group to the world of technology startups three years ago, Will has been an engineer at several companies including Hunch, Jumo, and Milewise. Currently, he is an investor and engineer at Thrive Capital, a NYC based venture capital and private equity firm. Will enjoys piano, math, and combing his hair.
  • Miles Grimshaw
    Outreach, Growth, YC'13
    Miles, also a former co-director, isn't a coder (yet), but he has been hustlin' and learning about the tech game ever since he interned at Matrix Partners, an early stage VC firm in Boston. He is an avid TEDster and curator of last year's inaugural TEDxYale. He enjoys traveling, new adventures, and spending time with his siblings. He's always eager to meet awesome people, so if you're awesome, please drop him a line: miles at hackyale dot com.
  • Brandon Jackson
    iOS, YC'13
    Brandon has six years of experience building apps and designing user interfaces. He is currently making cities more efficient (as mobile developer at SeeClickFix), encouraging neighbors to share with each other (as co-founder of GiftFlow) and researching what makes robots seem self-aware (at the Yale Social Robotics Lab). He is fluent in PHP, JavaScript, SQL and typography. For fun he enjoys cycling, minimalist design and exploring.
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